BATHROOM – Bath panel


H535 mm.
Made of 2 sides decor MFC 16mm thick and veneered edges in the style of the unit. Mounted on square feet adjustable + 10 to 40mm.
Mini lenght : 280 mm, max 2700 mm.

  L1590 mm L1690 mm L1790 mm by LM
Matte White A2412946 A2413011 A2413080 A2413158
Gloss White A2358862   A2358893  A2358923 A2357711  
Cashmere A2346289  A2346418 A2346548    A2357728
Terracotta A2396383   A2396390 A2396406   A2396413
Pistachio Green A2412953 A2413028 A2413097 A2413165
Graphite A2358879   A2358909   A2358930    A2357735
Matte Balck A2412960 A2413035 A2413103 A2413172
White Chestnut A2412977 A2413035 A2413103 A2413172
Honey Oak A2412984 A2413059 A2413127 A2413196
Dark Oak A2412991 A2413066 A2413134 A2413202
Natural Nebraska Oak A2346319   A2346449   A2346579    A2357773
Grey Nebraska Oak A2346326   A2346456    A2346586  A2357780
Gloss White Improved Water Resistance A2346333    A2346463  A2346593  A2357797
High Gloss White  A2346340 A2346470   A2346609   A2357803  
High Gloss Dark Grey  A2346364  A2346494  A2346623  A2357827
Natural Halifax Oak A2413004 A2413073 A2413141 A2413219
  Back L670 mm Back L750 mm Back L800 mm
Matte White A2413226 A2413295 A2413363
Gloss White A2358954 A2358985 A2346128
Cashmere A2345862 A2345992 A2346135
Terracotta A2396420 A2396437 A2396444
Pistachio Green A2413233 A2413301 A2313370
Graphite A2358961 A2358992 A2346142
Matte Black A2413240 A2413318 A2413387
White Chestnut A2413257 A2413325 A2413394
Honey Oak A2413264 A2413332 A2413400
Dark Oak A2413271 A2413349 A2413417
Natural Nebraska Oak A2345893 A2346029 A2346180
Grey Nebraska Oak A2345909 A2346036 A2346197
Gloss White Improve Water Resistance A2345916 A2346043 A2346203
High Gloss White A2345923 A2346050 A2346210
High Gloss Dark Grey A2345947 A2346074 A2346234
Natural Halifax Oak A2413288 A2413356 A2413424

Trendy colours :


White melamine or Improved Water Resistance MFC or Laminate Chipboard
H535 mm. Made of MFC white standard or White Imporved Water Resistance or White Laminate Chipboard, 16mm thick..
Mounted on adjustable metallic feet +15 mm.  

 Width (mm) Codes*
1080 B10G22108.
1200 B10G22120.
1300 B10G22130.
1400 B10G22140.
1500 B10G22150.
1600 B10G22160.
1700 B10G22170.
1800 B10G22180.
2000 B10G22200.
Back 670 B10G22067.
Back 750 B10G22075.

 *Replace the «. » with the letter of the style (see finishing below). For example, L1400 mm Laminate finishing S becomes B10G22140S

White Melamine
H535 mm. Made of 16mm thick, white standard
Mounted on adjustable square feet +10 à  40 mm.  

 Width (mm) Codes
1080 B10G32108B
1200 B10G32120B
1300 B10G32130B
1400 B10G32140B
1500 B10G32150B
1600 B10G32160B
1700 B10G32170B
1800 B10G32180B
2000 B10G32200B
Back 670 B10G32067B
Back 750 B10G32075B


Additions for bath front panels 16mm thick

Names Codes*
Single trim, white, for front bath panel 16mm thick. B10G22108.
Corner trim, white, for front bath panel 16mm thick. B10G22120.

Finishing :


White Improved Water Resistance MFC
H535 mm.  Made of Improved Water Resistance MFC 16mm thick. Central removable panel for constant access to the pipework.  
Mounted on adjustable metallic feet +15 mm.  

 Width (mm) Codes*
1400 A2344179
1500 A2355083
1600 A2344148
1700 A2344155
Back 670 A2344162

White Improved Water Resistance MFC
H535 mm. Made of white Improved Water Resistance MFC 19mm.
Mounted on adjustable square feet +10 à  40 mm.  

Width (mm) Codes*
1400 B10G33140H
1500 B10G33150H
1600 B10G33160H
1700 B10G33170H
1800 B10G33180H
Back 670 B10G33067H
Back 750 B10G33075H